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2019 FASA Inc. Sponsors and supporters

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All individuals registered to play in the 2019 volleyball and/or basketball games in FASA Inc. are required to fill in the membership application form below.

(playing) Partner's and family members must fill in the membership form separately.

Membership submission is subject to approval. Your submission will be cross checked against your team nomination.


2019 Membership cost: FREE

What sport do you currently play in FASA Inc.?

If playing for multiple teams or division, please type only one 1 of your team names.

Personal Details
Emergency Contact Details
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How long have you been a FASA Inc. member?

Upon acceptance as a member of the Filipino Australian Sports Association Inc., I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of FASA Inc. as approved through the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of FASA Inc. As a member of FASA Inc., I shall uphold the high standards of FASA Inc. and shall never do anything to damage the reputation of FASA Inc. I understand and agree that FASA Inc. and/or any of its officials, volunteers, affiliates or sponsors are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss resulting from any accident from known or unknown conditions howsoever caused. I also understand and agree that any violation of this contract may result in the immediate termination of my membership.

I authorise FASA Inc. to publish my photos in the magazine, website, social media accounts and other promotions. I also authorise FASA Inc.'s sponsors to have access to my personal details such as e-mail address and contact number, whenever deemed necessary for the benefit of the Club, which we are a part of.

By clicking on the submit button, I confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate. 

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